Specialists In Powder Coating and Sandblasting



Powder Coating is a method of finishing that provides significant advantages over traditional applications such as paint. One of the least expensive finishing methods used today,

as well as one of the most durable.

Powder Coating is suitable for applications on all varieties of surfaces including;

Iron, Aluminum, Glass, Cast Iron, Brass and Steel. Powder Coating protects these items from both abrasion and corrosion while providing a long lasting aesthetic appeal.

Powder Coating Applications We Do On A Regular Basis:

Truck & Motor Vehicle - Wheels - Frames - Bumpers – Car / Truck Springs – Fenders,

Transmission Covers, Intake / Exhaust Manifolds .

ATV/Side-by-Side Cages & Parts - Motorcycle Parts/Frames & Wheels.

Trailer Frames - Truck Boxes & Truck Racks / Roll Cages. 

Industrial Machined Parts - Piping – Stairs & Stair Stringers - Signs & Sign Frames – Fencing (Picket, Cable & Pipe) – Gates / Gate Frames - Hand Railing (Pipe & Cable).

Boat Parts / Trailers – Bicycle Frames & Parts.

And much more.

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